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According to doctors, in the modern world the most comfortable and useful for sleeping are mattresses filled with water or a special filler based on water – gel.
Such products have the ability to take the form of the human body, creating the most pleasant conditions for a healthy sleep. However, it has a number of obvious advantages.

How does a waterbed mattress work

In the lower part there are thin strips that conduct current and, as a consequence, heat the liquid. As for closures, manufacturers guarantee their absence due to the fact that the element of the heating system does not come into contact with the liquid.

The principle of the heating system is similar to the principle of the operation of the relay: maintaining a specific, set temperature. The owner installs the necessary degree of fluid independently, to his own taste and personal preferences.

In the event of an unexpected power outage, do not worry that the product will cool down quickly.

Water slowly loses the temperature, and if you consider that the volume of water in the mattress is hundreds, a comfortable and warm sleep is provided under all conditions.

Of course, the volume affects the amount of energy consumed, but even for heating a large double-product it will take no more than 15 kilowatts of electricity per month.

waterbed mattress Varieties

Specialty stores offer customers the following types of water mattresses:

– Single-chamber;
– Multi-chamber;
– Multi-chamber with a mattress;
– With polyurethane block;
– Baby.

Features of installation and operation of waterbed mattress

The first and most important feature of a mattress with a liquid inside is its weight. Taking into account that far more than a dozen liters of water are needed for filling, the total weight of the product can vary from 100 to 500 kg. A normal waterbed mattress weighs no more than 40 kg.

Use waterbed mattress on ordinary beds can not, because the foundation simply can not cope with this weight.

As a rule, in the complete set with a product the special basis similar to a podium is on sale. Its dimensions fully correspond to the dimensions of the mattress.
Operation begins with the installation of the base, which must firmly stand on the floor. Already on top of it you can stack the purchased mattress. The main load, which is approximately 100 kg per 1 square meter, falls on the floor covering.
It is advisable to choose a waterbed with bumps above the sides of the mattress. This will help to avoid the appearance of fluid in the future beyond the bed boundaries.

Internal content must be changed once every two or three years.

Some models provide for the use of a special substance that destroys possible bacteria and microorganisms in the liquid. This conditioner is added to the liquid once a year.

Comfortable conditions, which creates a waterbed mattress, allow a person to fall asleep much faster than on a normal one.

A pleasant and healthy dream – is not this the cherished dream of many modern people?

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