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The vinyl mattress cover should be quality and comfortable. Famous and well-established manufacturers are carefully monitoring the quality of their products, using the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials. The quality of the vinyl mattress cover is something you should not economize on in any case.

What should be a vinyl mattress cover?

The correct mattress should easily withstand the weight of the sleepers body, ideally support the body and adjust to its bends, keeping the spine in a natural position. for this, the mattress must have a sufficiently rigid carrier system.

A truly comfortable vinyl mattress cover should reduce the pressure on standard pressure points and promote normal blood circulation. To this end, each mattress has top comfort layers and a lush cover.

Therefore, the question What should be a mattress? you can answer – so that you do not need to roll over every half hour, your waist has enough support, and the muscles while relaxing. After a dream on a quality mattress that is competently matched, you should feel fresh, rested and full of energy.

What rigidity should be a vinyl mattress cover?

A vinyl mattress cover should be chosen exactly the rigidity that you are comfortable with. Do not try to make the mattress more useful, choosing excessive stiffness. And more comfortable, choosing very soft models.

The optimum stiffness is indicated as medium. This is an ideal choice for people of average weight, from 60 to 100 kg. The higher your weight, the greater the stiffness of the vinyl mattress cover.
What should be the size of the mattress
The length of the mattress should be 15 cm higher than your height. The width of the mattress per person should not be less than 70 cm. the minimum double mattress is 140 cm.

What should be the height of the mattress

The height of an adult spring mattress should not be less than 17 cm. The minimum height of an adult springless mattress is 14 cm.

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