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An mattress repair is absolutely indispensable in a hiking trip, at the dacha, by the sea or in a small apartment, where it is necessary to place guests for the night. It may seem that he is quite capable of replacing himself and the real sleeping place. But in fact, a daily dream on an mattress repair will bring only a lot of problems and a lot of disappointments.
Active advertising and distribution of air mattresses make themselves felt. What advantages are not attributed to their products by manufacturers – from a unique orthopedic effect to a wonderful strength and durability. As a result, more and more people are thinking about not only getting an extra bed for guests, but replacing an inflatable spring with a spring or springless mattress, and also beds with sofas.

Is it worth doing this and is this a sensible solution for a modern apartment? Maybe the future for mattress repair? Hardly. Of course, mattress repair significantly benefit from the point of view of compactness. They can be put in a closet or a backpack and get it only at the right time, which is very convenient. However, the advantages of air mattresses end there.

Orthopedic effect of mattress repair

Orthopedic mattresses are called, capable of supporting the spine in a natural, anatomically correct position. For this, the product under different parts of the human body should sag in different ways: under the hips – a little more strongly, under the waist – less. Real spring and springless mattresses have sufficient rigidity and elasticity to ensure this effect. But mattress repair analogs to support the spine and allow him to fully relax can not.

An mattress repair are composed of foam rubber or rubber-covered vinyl air chambers, they contain nothing that could provide any kind of serious support. As a result, there is a so-called hammock effect, when the hip and waist are in the groove, and the head and legs are located much higher. This is harmful to the spine and the wrong position. The consequences of a dream in it can manifest as immediately as back pain in the morning, and after a while, if earlier a person had no problems.

Sleeping on an mattress repair is a real test for the spine. For a couple of days in nature or at a party, of course, nothing terrible will happen. But if you constantly sleep on such a surface, the consequences can be very serious.


The main advantage of mattress repair is called practicality. They are quickly inflated (especially models with a built-in pump) in the evening, and then go down and put in the closet in the morning. It would Seem, no problems in operation. But the picture is so bright only in the first month of use. Very soon you will have to deal with the problem of deflating the mattress. And if you do not want to wake up in the morning on the floor, instead of a sweet dream, youll have to spend a good half of the night in search of a hole. And this is far from convenience and practicality.
By the way, most often mattress repair are torn in places of joints and seams. The air thus leaves slowly, silently and imperceptibly, and it is necessary to face a problem just in the middle of the night. Put a large mattress in the water at home will not work, because it will take a long and painstaking process of problematic places with soap foam (the hole – where it will bubble), and then repair.

Most often, the first holes on the mattress appear after a couple of weeks or months (as lucky) of exploitation. If you like to inflate products to the maximum, trying to achieve at least some rigidity, the period of carefree service is noticeably reduced. The same can be said about the lucky owners of pets. One wrong claw movement, and forward, in search of a hole.

But even without this, the maximum lifespan of an mattress repair is one year, more often – six months. Is it really necessary to go to the store for a new bed twice a year and is it practical?


We have already explained why sleeping on an mattress repair is unsafe for the spine, but it is also unsafe for other reasons. To begin with, some companies in production, and then the owners use glue for repairs. The inhalation of its vapors in a dream can not be called healthy.

An mattress repair and leather will not benefit. When it comes to real mattresses, an important criterion of choice is the air permeability of the material (for which the coconut coir, latex Talalay are valued), the ability to drain moisture. Sleep on an air product is akin to sleeping on an oilcloth with its greenhouse effect. The skin does not get a chance to breathe freely, and there is no need to talk about any good microclimate.
In addition, an air mattress is also a great saving.

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