Ikea mattress topper

Traditional Japanese futon and toppers is a set of bedding. Over the centuries, he remained an expensive thing, confirming the high status of its owner. Futon was made by hand and the manufacture of each set took a lot of time, despite the apparent simplicity of its design. An important feature of the futon, inherent in him initially, was the ability to compactly fold (fold) – in the morning he retired to the closet, where he had to occupy as little space as possible.

Futons of the modern type, sold today far beyond the Land of the Rising Sun, appeared in Europe on the wave of a healthy lifestyle (as well as pillows with buckwheat husks and other Japanese sleeping-bed curiosities). But only a thin mattress made of environmentally friendly materials was preserved from the entire bed set – it is precisely its Europeans who today call the futon.

As the Japanese style the futon directly on the floor, the original feature of this mattress is the multi-layered and relatively large (not thinner than 4 cm) thickness. True, now instead of cotton and wool, futons are mostly made of latex, coconut fiber, foam polyurethane foam and other modern materials. In the same futon, a wide variety of layers can be combined.

Due to the fact that different materials have different degrees of rigidity, elasticity and hypoallergenicity, combining them in one design makes it possible to produce futons with different properties.

The main area of ​​use of modern ikea mattress topper has also changed. Now they, as a rule, do not spread on the floor, but fit on a sofa or a bed.

Scope of application

The ikea mattress topper are widely used in the following cases:

• For any reason in the bedroom there is no way to install a full bed;

• Often it is necessary to organize additional sleeping places (for example, relatives or guests come overnight);

• There is no separate bedroom as such (for example, in a studio apartment or a one-room small office);

• The existing bed does not meet the basic convenience requirements (soft sofa cushion or mattress surface deformed from the time, became bumpy).

In all these cases,ikea mattress topper allow you to quickly create comfortable sleeping places as needed.

Also to the number of indisputable advantages of ikea mattress topper is their compactness. They are easily twisted into an uneven roll or folded into a rectangular pile (the second method is still used everywhere in Japan), after which they can be easily removed from the eyes.

Another distinguishing feature of both ikea mattress topper is the widest possible use of modern materials, a significant part of which (primarily various foams and fibers of artificial origin) has a pronounced hypoallergenic effect. It is also important that in futons and nadivannah not get a dust mite.

How to choose a ikea mattress topper

If it is necessary to align the surface of the bed, it is necessary to purchase a ikea mattress topper, in which there are layers of rigid material – coconut fiber (coir) dense felt and latex. In this case, you need to know that the coir is referred to as the most rigid fillers, and the latex is semi-rigid.

Reduce the degree of stiffness and make futon softer foam layer of loose, soft felt, modified polyurethane low elasticity sponfleksa (combination of flax fibers, cotton and jute), filler Spring Foam (foam material, the cells in which air circulates freely).

The final degree of density and stiffness of a futon directly depends on what kind of materials and in what proportion it is used. In this regard, futons are extremely flexible: the orthopedic properties of various models vary in the widest possible way, which gives the buyer the opportunity to select a futon precisely for his own specific requirements. Moreover, ikea mattress topper are often made of two-sided: one side is softer, and the second – more rigid, which greatly expands the area of ​​their application.

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