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How to find the best baby bed mattress

Problems with posture in modern youth reach critical proportions. And troubles begin with infancy, when little depends on the child, but from the parents – almost everything. Including, and how correctly the posture of the baby will be formed during sleep, which occupies the most part of a persons life in the first years.

How to choose a mattress in a cot?

When choosing a product, you need to focus on the main characteristics that will help you evaluate the product correctly:

– rigidity;
– filler;
– upholstery;
– the form;
– dimensions;
– for what age is recommended.
The size and shape of the baby bed mattress directly depend on the baby crib, which, most likely, the parents have already bought. The mattress should fit snugly against the walls, so as not to shift even during a restless childs sleep and to avoid gaps in which the childs handles or legs may fall. Too big a mattress will bump up, which will hinder both full rest and posture.

How big are baby bed mattress?

Producers offer three classic options: 120×60 cm, 125×65 cm and 140×70 cm. If the bed was created on an individual order, then the bedding for it, too, may have to be made separately.

Concerning the softness of the mattress, pediatricians come to a common opinion – the product should be even and stiff (the degree of hardness surprises many parents who are accustomed to sleeping in a soft bed). The smaller the child, the stiffer the mattress. This makes it possible to correctly form the bend of the spine and will not allow the baby to suffocate if it turns over in a dream on the stomach (a soft perinar in this case can completely block the respiratory system). For a child older (from 2 years old) you can already buy products of moderate stiffness.

The baby bed mattress upholstery also matters. Preference should be given to natural materials that breathe, do not cause irritation and do not provoke a static discharge. For unavoidable washing it is better to choose a cover with a large zipper, which occupies 2 or 3 parts of the perimeter. If the lightning is located only on one side – it will be difficult to remove and dress such a cover, especially if it sits after washing.

Choosing a filler for a baby bed mattress

Elasticity of the product provides a filler, the variety of which can introduce into the stupor of young parents. To facilitate the purchase process, decide immediately whether there should be a spring unit. Such mattresses are advised to children from year to year, and preferably two.

When choosing a spring mattress, pay attention to the principle of placement of components – bonnel (all elements are fastened together) or an independent unit (springs are placed each in an individual case). The second option is more expensive and is considered an orthopedic mattress.

In addition to them, childrens orthopedic mattresses include springless models, based on – ply or monolithic rigid plates (plates) of different thicknesses.

The next serious issue is the availability of natural or synthetic materials. Organic components (coconut, latex, horse hair, wool, husk, etc.) have useful properties and are considered a healthier choice. However, care for them is more difficult, they absorb the smell faster and can contribute to the occurrence of allergies.

High-quality synthetic fillers (Memory Foam, Hollcon Plus) are modern materials that can withstand heavy weight without deforming. In addition, they almost do not absorb moisture and smell, do not burn.

For the most demanding customers, manufacturers are ready to offer products with combined filler or multi-layered options, where each layer fulfills its task. A good choice will also be bilateral models, oriented to the cold and warm season. Usually, wool is used for the winter side, which keeps the heat perfectly, and cotton is ideal for summer cotton – it breathes, easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

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